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Educating your audience and transferring knowledge to your workforce is imperative for organizational growth. We design content and delivery platforms to educate the right person, at the right time and in the right place.

Instructional Design

Infina helps deliver your organization’s training objectives so students learn new skills and remember content to improve job performance. Our designers strive for efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, and inspiration through appealing visual and aural content.

Web-based Education

As government continues to move and evolve, so do its employees. Continuing to learn when you’re on the go gives you the benefit of just-in-time knowledge and access to endless information. Infina provides the necessary assets to ensure your business has the capability to continue developing its team remotely.

Instructor-based Education

For one-on-one or group-based learning, tried and true instructor-led training will always be a useful learning method. Infina produces learning materials that facilitate discussions and knowledge transfer directly between instructors and pupils.

Mobile Platforms Design and Delivery

Another great way to learn is through your own mobile device. Infina stays on top of current and cutting edge technologies. Through mobile platforms, the learning tools necessary for the development of your organization are right at your fingertips.

Digital Classrooms

Instructional practices that effectively use technology appeals to a wide range of participants and increases individual engagement. Infina can help your organization decide which technologies work best for your audience … and how to implement them.

Video Production

Infina has a team of dedicated video producers who can provide your company with educational and instructional videos. Whether these videos are being viewed on a mobile device or a projector in a classroom, our producers ensure quality imagery and information from beginning to end.

Audio Development

At Infina, we believe audio elements and sound design are important for the successful delivery of information. Sound brings personality, dimension, and emotional impact to the audience. From sound effects to full voiceovers, our team reaches your ears.

Graphic Design

Visually communicating ideas and practices to your team helps them associate concepts with memorable imagery, just as we recall logos when brands are mentioned. Infina’s team of graphic designers deliver appealing and effective designs in any medium.

Learning Management Systems

For your organization to learn and teach, it’s important to establish a way to administer, document, track, report, and deliver instructional materials. Infina can help your organization set up a way for you to efficiently manage the unique aspects of when, where, how, and why your organization learns.


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