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Software as a service. Utilizing software to solve problems and enhance the user’s experience, enables greater effectiveness and efficiencies across the board. At Infina, we take software to new heights and always look for new ways to incorporate it into our everyday lives.

Computer Programming

With a team of talented programmers, Infina can provide your organization with the necessary expertise to take your computer programs to the next level. Our programmers are skilled in machine-learning techniques and understand how to organize computer programming tasks for greater efficiency.

Software Design and Development

Infina’s team of designers and developers create software from the ground up to accomplish your organization’s goals. From a requirements document to the overall design parameters – we program, document, test, and debug your software to fit your needs.

Database Management and Optimization

Your databases can store tremendous amounts of information that need to be managed and optimized for the best possible performance. Infina believes in maximizing speed and efficiency when data is retrieved, keeping your organization’s databases effective.

Legacy System Support

Updates happen quickly in the age of technology and sometimes you can’t keep up. At Infina, we can accommodate outdated software changes and more. Our professionals provide the best system support network, whether you’re looking for brand new software or a facelift on legacy software.

UI/UX Design and Development

A great user interface maximizes usability and the user experience. It makes every outcome more effective. Through research of targeted audiences, design, and testing, we ensure top tier experiences no matter who your audience is or what their preferred platforms may be.

Visual Presentation

Are you tired of death by PowerPoint? We know showing is just as important as telling. Presenting to an audience should never be boring. The expression of ideas through visual representation captures an audience’s attention. They focus on what’s being presented and remember it, too.

Augmented Reality Design and Development

Combining a real-world environment with virtual enhancements enables testing and practice without real-world consequences. Designers and developers at Infina are constantly striving to accommodate the needs of businesses through the latest emerging technologies.

Virtual Reality Design and Development

If your organization needs a digitally generated experience within a simulated environment, Infina’s designers and developers have that covered. We can create a world based on the one you see every day, or a completely fantastic creation straight out of your own imagination.


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