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At our core, we are a business solutions company. Our focus is on the business of government, maintaining its prestige while providing contemporary and immersive techniques that enhance business experiences.

Financial Analysis

We speak the language of government finance, providing solutions and always keeping organizational goals at the forefront. With extraordinary attention to detail, Infina ensures programs stay within budget and continue trending towards success.

Program Management

Infina provides PMP-certified leadership, helping customers handle multiple projects and improve their teams’ overall performance. Delegating tasks to individuals with coordinating skillsets ensures project success that’s on time and within budget.

Data Analytics

Taking data to the optimal level of analysis and transformation, we’re able to better inform decision-making in an organization. Infina turns raw data into actionable knowledge.

Data Visualization

Infina works with organizations to visualize data in a way that clearly and efficiently communicates complex information for effective decision-making. Customers trust our approach because we’re able to provide an obtainable vision and the ability to secure it through numbers.

Strategic Planning

Infina helps organizations define the strategy and direction that will guide the implementation of established priorities and resources. A clear pathway forward ensures a team has set deadlines, points of achievement, and defined end-goals.

Business Processes

Setting repeatable processes helps standardize operational mandates. Business processes help drive the delivery of a product or service for a client. Curating associated efforts help customers accomplish organizational goals.

Budget and Appropriations

Infina provides customers with in-depth knowledge of all phases of the government budget process, from appropriation to budget execution to the contracting process. We establish clear and concise processes to support customer programs, resulting in budget transparency and efficient program management.

Communications and Outreach

Organizations need a clear voice when communicating to employees and stakeholders. We combine your organization’s key messages and business goals through immersive media solutions and more. Infina’s expert staff delivers state-of-the-art audiovisual material, progressive graphic design, and eye-catching print collateral.

Change Management

Government organizations are constantly evolving. From reorganizations to realignments and process changes, Infina can effectively help you manage these changes for maximum impact to the organization.

Requirements Documentation

A clear definition of needs is paramount to success. Infina’s team of technical writers and editors can translate complex, technical jargon into collectively understood language.

Gap Analysis

Assessing performance to determine if your business requirements have been met can be daunting. At Infina, we provide expertise to correctly map the current state of your company, as well as accurately describe your desired future state. We clearly visualize for our customers the factors for change that bridge the gap.


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