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In the everchanging age of technology, people consume information through many digital mediums. In the government, mobile devices are ubiquitous which means content must be designed and produced keeping mobile functionality in mind.

Strategic Communications

Infina helps organizations strategize long-term goals via interpersonal planning or by communicating over long distances – including internationally. We work with you to set up a method of strategically communicating concepts, processes, or data throughout your network, no matter how extensive it may be.

Communication Campaigns

Infina understands the need to communicate key topics over time, to a large audience, with results. Coming up with a strategy about how to use media and messaging to make sure your campaigns receive optimal engagement is as important to us as it is to you.

Social Media Strategy

Social media engagement across platforms is more important than ever for media strategy. We leverage our expertise with visuals, copywriting, videos, and shared content, to give your audience the best social experience possible.

Social Media Content Development

At Infina, content development is a main analysis point when strategizing a plan for each individual social platform. By combining visuals, copywriting, videos, and shared content, we strive to give your audience the best social experience possible.

Video Production

Infina has a team of dedicated video producers who can provide your organization with informative and engaging videos. Whether these videos are being viewed on a mobile device or a projector in an auditorium, our producers ensure quality imagery and information from beginning to end.

Audio Production

At Infina, we believe audio elements and sound design are important for the successful delivery of information. Sound brings personality, dimension, and emotional impact to the audience. From sound effects to full voiceovers, our team reaches your ears.

Interactive Design and Development

The easier it is to interact with a given tool or service, the better the user experience and the more effective the message. Infina can help your organization create meaningful and memorable experiences between the user and digital platforms.

Studio Services

If you need a full-service studio that offers video production solutions and editing facilities for your business, look no further. Infina’s professional studio productions deliver quality messages.

Location Productions

If you require on-site delivery instead of a green screen, Infina provides location-based productions. Take your program’s experience beyond the office walls and into endless location opportunities with our top-notch audio and visual production.

Print Material Design and Production

Even in the digital age print materials are still a vital part of a business’ brand and messaging. Infina’s team of designers expertly deliver print materials from design conception through print vendor collaboration.

Digital Photography

Utilizing the best cameras and equipment, Infina’s dedicated photographers deliver first-class imagery for countless uses. Whether you’re looking to ramp up your social media page or simply add a new, eye-catching image to your website, our great photography team can play a key role.

Streaming Technologies

Infina helps you reach as many people as possible with a message. With streaming capabilities, audiences can consume audio and video via platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and other streaming devices, making possibilities nearly endless.


A great script tells a great story, which attracts and sustains engagement. Our talented writers understand your communication needs and set the stage for multi-media approaches. The writing process is thorough, using multiple rounds of editing, brainstorming, and fine tuning.


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